Make hay while the sun shines by selling more to your happiest customers. Individual Customer Retention Heath Scores show you who is happiest so add these customers to current campaigns to improve your success rate.

Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

With SmartMeasures helping you to retain customers you keep more customers and don’t need to hunt for replacements. The benefit is two fold, spend less on CAC and keep more revenue.

Improving Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

SmartMeasures improves retention and increases the average lifetime of customers. Extending the average lifetime improves profitability and the all important LCV.

Retain customers and retain revenue

When customers churn profitable revenue walks. With SmartMeasures you improve customer retention and keep your more profitable revenue. Happy customers are less price sensitive too.

Risk and opportunity analysis tool

By taking your ‘at risk’ customers out of campaigns you improve your sales campaign success and reduce further customer upset while your service team reaches out to them. When their health improves, move them back into your campaign pool.

See how SmartMeasures can improve customer retention for Marketing today.

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